Christmas Food & Drink

Christmas means different things to different people. Children get excited by the thoughts of Santa and adults look forward to spending time with family.

What ever makes your Christmas make sure it includes some delicious festive food and Drink..

A Christmas Fayer

The Dickensian idea of Christmas is a cold winters morning, the fire burning and the children all excited to see what Santa has brought. Followed by a traditional Lunch, often of Turkey and winter vegetables, all served on the Family dining table.

Today this idea still exists in the minds of those who believe in the spirit of Christmas, bur some of the familiar traditions have sadly been lost.

We still have presents around the Christmas tree and we still do Christmas Lunch followed by festivities and party games, but the food has changed a bit.

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santa with a cigar

Traditionally Christmas Lunch is a Family gathering that involves overindulgence of Food and Drink.

The traditional Christmas Lunch is Turkey, Winter vegetables, Pigs in blankets and all sorts of other goodies.

In modern times we have moved away from the traditional Christmas in favour of other Meats. Today it is normal to have Beef, Pork or even Lamb for Christmas Lunch.


Other traditions such as Roasted Parsnips have been re-invented into such things as Parsnip Mash.

Depending on what meat you have for your Christmas Lunch you can also include sides such as Yorkshire puddings and Apple Sauce.

yorkshire puddings

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