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steak pie with gravy in a pie dish

Steak Pie with beef gravy

Cowbridge Kitchen

This is a Classic Winter Warmer, Steak Pie.This steak pie is tender and melt in the mouth as the filling is cooked in the Slow Cooker. This also makes it cheap to cook.

Steak Pie is a bit of a British institution, it is sometimes made with Mushrooms or Vegetables all cooked in a Rich Beef Gravy.

The pie is made from a shortcrust pastry base often topped with a Puff Pastry lid.

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This takes about 5hr's
15 mins Prep.
4hrs 45 minutes Cooking time.
Cooking timer Time
This is per ¼ of Pie (250g)
Calories: 386
Protein: 16.5g
Fat: 16.9g
Carbohydrates: 41.2g
Fiber: N/A
Sugar: 2.3g
Nutritional information Nutrition
This recipe is to serve 2 - 4 people
depending on serving size.
Table for Two Servings
Easy : This recipe is simple to make, a novice could do it. Chefs hat Difficulty
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Steak and gravy Pie - Pub Food

steak pie in a pie dish

Steak Pie, sometimes called a Beef Pie or Meat Pie is traditionally served on most UK pub menus and it is a versitile recipe.

The Steak Pie can be made in many different forms, such as a Beef & Ale Pie or Beef and Vegetable Pie. My favourite version of this classic recipe is a Beef & Mushroom Pie

The true secret to this pie's delicious taste is all in the gravy and the way we Slow Cook the Steak to give it a melt in the mouth texture.

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serving tray Cuisine:British
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400g Diced Beef
1 - 2 Brown onion(s)
450 ml Strong Beef Stock - 3 Beef Stock Cubes
50ml Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 tsp Black Pepper
30 ml of Tomato Puree
50 g Beef Dripping (Fat)
60 g plain flour

300 g Plain Flour
75 g Butter
75 ml Water
1/2 teaspoon of Salt

Cooking Instructions

  1. Dice up the onions and trim any fat from the diced beef.
  2. Put a small splash of oil or beef dripping into a frying pan, then cook the diced beef & the Onions just long enough to seal the meat and soften the onions, about 5 minutes.
  3. While the beef is cooking turn the Slow Cooker on to High.
  4. Tip the Beef & Onions into the Slow Cooker and cover with the lid.
  5. In a pan melt the Beef Dripping or fat on a low heat so that you do not burn it.
  6. Make up 500ml of Beef stock using the Stock cubes and Black Pepper.
  7. Add the Worcestershire Sauce to the stock and mix well.
  8. Put the Flour into the hot fat and whisk to form a Roux.
  9. Whisk the Beef Stock into the Roux to form a thick beef gravy.
  10. Add the Tomato Paste to the sauce and whisk it in.
  11. The Gravy is now ready to add to the Beef & Onions in the Slow Cooker.
  12. Leave this to cook on High for 4 hours or 8 hours on low

  13. How To Make The Pastry
  14. Combine the Flour and salt in a mixing bowl and mix it together with your hands.
  15. Add the cubed butter and combine with your fingers until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  16. Add the water and mix with a fork until it starts to come together.
  17. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and form into a ball of pastry.
  18. Wrap the pastry in cling film and let it rest for 30 minutes before rolling.

  19. Blind Bake
  20. Cut the pastry in half and roll out a Base and a Top.
  21. Line a Pie Dish with the pastry base, then line the pastry with Greaseproof paper then weigh it down with Baking Beans or Dry Peas or even Rice.
  22. Bake this @ 180℃ 12 minutes.
  23. Remove the Baking Beans and Greaseproof paper then fill the base with the Beef & Gravy filling
  24. Cover with the pastry lid and crimp the edges, then slice two or three slits into the top of the pie.
  25. Egg was the top of the pie and bake a second time @ 180℃ for a further 30 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.
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Tips -
How To:
'' If you want to add Carrots to this Pie filling or even Mushrooms you can cut the vegetables and add them to the Slow Cooker raw with the Beef Gravy.
''If you find the gravy has become too thin after being in the slow cooker for 4 hours you can thicken it back up using a Cornflour Slurry''
'' In this recipe I have used shop bought puff-pastry for the lid of this pie ''