Special Diets

Vegetarian, Vegan, Low-Calorie and Low Sugar

A special dietary requierment can mean a number of things. We cover some of the more common dietary requierments here.

So if you are looking for some Low-Sugar recipes or a Low-Calorie recipe we have it covered.

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If you are a Vegetarian then you will have excluded all animal (Meat) from your diet. Some Vegetarians also exclude eggs as part of their diet.

So you will be looking for either meat free recipes or Meat substitute recipes, and there are plenty of them about.


Like Vegetarian being Vegan not only excludes animal (Meat) but any animal derived products like Eggs, Milk, Cheese ect. So finding great Vegan recipes can be a little more difficult.

Recipes like this Vegan Chilli made with Sweet Potato and Carrot.

The other problem most chefs and cooks have with creating Vegan recipes is that some ingredients that are often essential in a recipe cant be used. For instance, Yorkshire Puddings require egg as a rising agent, and finding a suitable substitute for this is a tough one.

Low Calorie

Wether you are on a Calorie control diet or some other medical reason, a lot of people are keeping a close eye on the calorie content of food.

There are lots of recipes that are low in calories, and lets face it if you want to drop a few lbs then you are simply going to need to cut out high calorie food

Today there is no reason that a low calorie diet should compromise on taste, you can find plenty of low-calorie alternatives like this Tomato Soup ,made with a few unlikely ingredients but taste spectacular.

Low Sugar

Often overlooked, Low-Sugar recipes are important for people who need to keep an eye on their sugar levels

People who are Diabetic will know all about how important it is to keep track of their sugar intake. That is why we have included this section that focuses on Low-Sugar recipes