Cooking with A Slow-Cooker

A Slow-Cooker is also called a Crock-pot and in its modern form is a kitchen top electrically heated cooking pot that is used to simmer food at low temperatures.

Cooking in a Slow-cooker is the perfect solution to both Time & Energy. Not only can you leave it cooking all day so that it is ready when you come home from work, but it costs a fraction of the amount of cooking on Gas or Electricity

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Cost of Cooking In A Slow-Cooker

It is estimated that the average-sized slow cooker uses around 1.3 kWh over eight hours of cooking time.

To break this down into something more meaningful, an 8hr cook will cost around 36p or 4.5p per hour

It is clear to see from this breakdown that cooking with a Slow-Cooker is going to save you a substantial amount on the cost of cooking your food.

But What Other Benefits Are There

Most Slow-Cookers have a Warm or Hold setting that will hold your food at a safe temperature so that it is ready and convinient to eat when you want it.

The method of Slow-cooking has been around for a very long time, Slow-cookers or Crock-pots as they were also known became popular in America during the 1940's.

Before the modern type of Slow-cooker people used to slow cook food in Dutch ovens, this was far more expensive than todays modern Slow-cookers but the cooking method was pretty much the same.