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Y Bont-faen

town hall Cowbridge kitchen is located in the heart of Cowbridge :

Where is Cowbridge ( Y Bont-faen) ?

Cowbridge is an ancient market town in the Vale of Glamorgan ,Cowbridge Town Hall just outside of Cardiff and Bridgend, South Wales. Packed full with lots of local shops from Supermarkets to Antique establishments. Most importantly there are lots of food outlets and local pubs in Cowbridge.

My name is Jon Noble and I have lived in Cowbridge for 6 years now, and I can't imagine ever moving away from this town. There is so much going on In and around Cowbridge that is has become an institution for the food trade.

duke of wellington The Local Hospitality :

As we mentioned earlier, here in Cowbridge we have a lot of local pubs and eating establishments. Here are two or three that we often frequent.

The Duke

The Duke of Wellington is a Brains pub right in the heart of Cowbridge, in fact right next door to the Physic Garden. They serve great pub food and often offer live music and events. The Duke is a hot spot on a Friday and Saturday night and a quiet local pub the rest of the week.


Just off the beaten path are the Cowbridge Fields & Park. Running through the center of the fields is the River Thaw, The River Thawthis river runs straight through the heart of Cowbridge.

The river is a feature of of Cowbridge and runs along side the Esplanade where you will find some nice local shops.

As you walk along the esplanade you will wind up at the aptly named 'River View Chinese Restaurant' which offers great Chinese food along with a beautiful view of the river Thaw.

On the other side of the river there is a Children's Park with lots of great activities such as climbing frames, swings, slides & Seesaws. My son used to love this park when he was younger, now he is in high school.

Cowbridge also has one of the best Comprehensive Schools in the area, take a look at their website here.

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